Sunday, 20 February 2011

Who am I and Why in the world did I start this blog?

So it's Sunday morning, 20th February 2011, 08:00AM GMT. I've been up for a couple of hours (my kids like all children are early risers, up at 5AM) on the computer, setting up my first public blog. It's been on my mind for a long time now, growing day by day... and finally, decided it's about time to take this plunge into the brave new world. Yes, blogs are not for everybody. I certainly don't want to use it as a medium to share intimate details of my personal life. I also cannot avoid the urge much longer as it goes against my personality (more about that subject later)... Inspired by Jeff Jarvis, author of What Would Google Do? and Seth Godin, author of  Tribes I am making that leap, and entering the world of openness...

I will try and share my thoughts both personal and professional (academic and practical), insights, experience and research from a variety topics really. For starters, I've got the following categories in mind (which should mature and shape up over time), but here's a starter for ten anyway:

  • Job Market - I've been surveying the job market for some time now, and have some interesting experiences to share that should hopefully help other people in a similar situation. Likely topics: Preparation, Tactics, Recruitment processes particularly increasing use of character profiling.
  • Entrepreneurship - As you'll find out from my own Outliers: The Story of Success review, my background has moulded me to be a risk taker, as curious as a cat, always wishing to try out new ideas. I am facinated by stories of Start-ups and find myself always looking out for new ideas. I've not made any breakthroughs myself, apart from leading an innovation at my company, but some of the ideas I did have, in all honesty actually turned out to be not so bad afterall...more about those later.
  • Book Reviews - I'm an avid reader and will be posting and linking to books I recommend.
  • General Tech Stuff - Although I love gadgets, the reality is I'm very practical and live by strict rules of budgeting - I don't like debts and credit cards. So I won't be getting the latest gadget just because I have to, neither am I an early adopter. However when I do invest in a gadget, there's a good reason behind it: either it offers some value and solves an immediate need of mine, or is need to increase my knowledge and skills.
  • I will try to keep my personal, political and religious views to a minimum - but what is the point of having a blog, if not to express your individuality? ;-)
You can find me on LinkedIn if you want to check out my professional background.

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