Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Sometimes we need a reminder

I often remind myself about this:

You will die at any time...but as long as you're alive, you still need to live - so Do!

Love life and live not in ignorance but fully aware your time is limited. 
You will definitely die, it's a reality, a certainty, impossible to avoid or predict. 
So watch where and how you spend your time, be mindful of what you'll be leaving behind. 
This world is temporary. Period. 
Your profession should never become an obsession at the expense of life.

But you must believe in yourself and you will move mountains.
You are responsible for your life, don't blame anyone for your situation. 
You can't change what people think of you, so don't bother wasting energy on that/them.
Live by your own rules not by what others think of you. 
Have no expectations from others apart from yourself. 
Hold yourself to account to your own highest standards and values. 
Believe in yourself and you will move mountains.
You can have Faith but you still need to put in the effort, and trust in God.
Most importantly, trust in your own ability - find the confidence within.
No man has power over another man.
No company owns you.
Only you know your story.
But sometimes we forget our own story.
So you need to go back in time & rekindle the fire that was your story.
Let no one tell you otherwise.
You owe it to yourself to constantly check if you're going through life asleep.
If this is the case, awake from your slumber & make change happen!
Rekindle the sparks that created your story.
Get that fire burning again.
It starts by doing - one small step is all it takes!
Then another, and another...
But remember, your time is indeed limited, so spend it wisely!