Tuesday, 12 May 2020

LinkedIn Profile - probably a bad example

I spent a lot of time contemplating what should go as my "About" summary for LinkedIn, it's quite tough actually.

So I had this written down below for about 18 months as my profile, and I'm about to change it to just keep it simple and brief. Looking back, it's too much waffle..

Helping Africa's largest PayTV company build an internet TV platform, building local African engineering team & skills. This platform serves 50+ countries, multi-tenanted, multi-product & content packs. Scaled platform 6X through nurturing teamwork, MAU on a steady increasing trajectory, overall site traffic growing nicely YoY.

CTO for DStv Now, Box Office & Content Discovery Recommendations Tech stack, managing 100+ engineers: Enterprise Architecture, Software Delivery, AI/ML Scientists, Agile PMO, Infra/Networks & Ops/Site Reliability engineers.

I'm NOT strictly a builder anymore though. I haven't written code in ten years, but was once an expert coder. I don't do architecture anymore, but used to love models, abstractions, API design & authoring technical documents. I don't write or review test cases & test plans anymore but instead drive innovation & optimisation in automation & DevOps continuous delivery. I don't review code or do systems integration anymore but can write (have written) treatise on these software engineering topics.

Yes, I'm building an E2E tech stack commanding a v.large budget, in a fast-paced VUCA world.
Yes, I handle tech conversations & make tough decisions, engaging and challenging C-level executives.
Yes, I do write technical papers.
Yes, I can indeed get into engineering detail too...BUT...

I CHOOSE to LEAD through PEOPLE: empower, protect, listen, steer, guide, groom, mentor, coach, train, show & tell, nurture-to-catapulting NextGen leaders we so desperately need today...

Some people call me a turnaround specialist - rescuing distressed projects & teams...
Others have said I have a knack for making the complex look simple...
I've built full stack software from device firmware, middleware, apps to server-side systems.
I was once an expert technical project and program manager, but that too is no longer who I am...
I was also a scrum master, agile coach, devops & agile delivery release manager too...I was also a senior management consultant...

So who/where am I now??

I am now a builder of LEADERS, who happens to be a senior engineering guy with PI-shaped skills, who loves to solve perceived intractable problems and thinks big: org, people, radical ideas, disrupting, transformation.

I'm known to challenge status quo, ruffle feathers & doing things differently - radical candor. Sometimes seen as a threat to old-school thinkers.

Autonomy & Trust is where I thrive - democratising the workplace!

But I tend to get bored easily if I'm not stetched or challenged enough. Typical cadence is 3 years before changing! 

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