Saturday, 18 February 2017

My library on Project Management

Here is a live list of all the project management books I own in my personal library. I have read every one from cover to cover. Each one has helped me in some way or the other in mastering the art and skill in project management, that I now find myself less interested in the detail of project management, but rather more interested in the project leadership aspects of the domain: setting strategy, starting-up and shaping projects, forget date-drive tracking and focus on building commitment instead, building relationships, program report visualisation (one page project manager reports, Toyota A3, etc.) & simplification (cut-down meetings, reduce waste, manage work-in-process), running & facilitating workshops (brainstorming, scoping, discovery, pre-mortems, retrospectives), organisational change & transformation, playing coach, guide, mentor and advisor to PMOs & Execs.

This list is in no particular order but towards the bottom end are the most recently read books. Not sure where all the icons disappeared to, but the links should work.

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