Thursday, 11 February 2016

My RAGE Planning Template

In my previous post, I shared my RAGE model for personal planning. RAGE standing for Reality, Aspirations, Goals, Expectations. I described my journey as I went through my own introspection, splitting myself up into the many Personas I found myself involved in, and shared how I systematically made sense about my priorities and areas to focus on. As always, I tend to go over-the-top, I covered a lot of detail, which to me was quite valuable, but for others maybe not so :-))

The feedback received was quite encouraging to say the least, people suggested I dumb it down a bit, provide a template to focus on a more manageable (handful) of topics, the ranking matrix caught some interest as well. So in this post, I'm sharing a cut-down, generic template for anyone to use to make sense of just ten Personas. You can access the template here, available freely for download.

Template in a Nutshell

Template is an Excel document with the following sheets:
  1. RAGE List - this is basically the main board. You select the type of persona (choose between Personal & Professional), Give a name for your Persona (e.g. I, as a...) & fill out your Reality, Aspirations, Goals & Expectations. The board will automatically calculate the rankings, and dish out a planning priority.
  2. Persona Rankings - This is the crux of the exercise - for you to compare one persona against the others. Requires deep introspection - who are you really?? What is it that really excites you?? Which aspect of your life should you focus on more?? This is the persona ranking matrix.
  3. Look-Ups - The hidden data behind the calculations. You wouldn't usually touch this, but if you wanted to weight things differently, you can attach your own numbers to the weightings.
  4. Example Personas - I provide an example of generic persona types that you can use to get your own thinking going.
Master RAGE Board
Persona Ranking Matrix
Example Personas
If you end up downloading the template, and have experimented with it, OR you need some one-on-one help, please get in touch!

Introspection is worth it, you will be amazed at what you uncover...I hope you try this tool out!!!

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