Sunday, 20 July 2014

Apply MVP to any project in life or work

Courtesy of Henrik Kniberg, brilliant illustration
When it comes to product development, or any other project, nothing shows it better than this picture:

In the case of set top box products, we usually start with basic STB, aspiring to the advanced:
- Always satisfy "watch TV"
- Single tuner SD zapper
- 1+ tuner video recorder
- n+ tuners PVR
- HD user interface
- + animation
- + 3D OpenGL ES graphics
- + connectivity: USB, Ethernet
- + video on demand
- + home network streaming
- + remote management & diagnostics
- + recommendations engines

The above list is your stock standard product roadmap. To get there we always  release the basic minimum viable product, interestingly the constant expectation throughout each iteration must preserve "can I watch TV??"!

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