Saturday, 16 April 2011

Getting back to being creative again....

I find myself reminiscing about the past recently, and find it fascinating how time flies by so fast, that before you know it almost two decades passes you by, even though I can remember my teenage years as if it was just yesterday.  I am searching for a something, a past time, a time for myself where I can relax, do something interesting and gain some satisfaction from doing so :-) Of course, I am quite enjoying blogging, although finding the time is proving difficult - and I'm quite conscious of my blog becoming an outlet for being a humble brag - but I guess my blog can be seen as me reaching out, perhaps someone comes across my posts by accident which could set things in motion and change my life in ways I could never imagine ha haa, lol - I'm such a dreamer :-)

I used to sketch/draw back when I was in school, you could say it was a hobby of mine.  I would mostly draw from pictures, not from my own imagination though. I would also draw plants (our house was filled with pot plants) and flowers. I would enter art competitions, but never did take it quite seriously though - I couldn't see a lucrative future in art, neither our school teachers help to promote the arts/culture.  

After school, enter university, then work, then married life - I really didn't make any time to continue my sketching seriously.  But I am thinking about making a start, I think it'll be a good stress reliever...

I want to put my art out there, and would like whoever stumbles across it to give an opinion. Remember this is stuff that I drew about 15-20 years ago. Click here for the full picture

Hand-drawn replica of the cover from "The Best of Lawrence Green"
The above sketch was taken from a book that I'd received for a History prize in primary school, ended drawing this during the July school holiday in 1993... 

In high school I made some friends who were quite talented and interested in art. One of the guys was heavily into the 1940s war comics that featured classic fighter planes (of the like described in this blog post); we'd all have a go at sketching whatever we found interesting. Remember these were all free-hand drawing, not tracing (Click here, here and here for all the pics below):

I went through a phase of being fanatical of Bill Watterson's Calvin & Hobbes, through another friend of mine. I couldn't afford buying the books myself, but I made sure when I was working I bought every title there was :-) I sketched these during my last year of high school, in between studying and writing final exams:
Weirdos from another planet

The days are just packed

Something under the bed is drooling

Homicidal psycho jungle cat

Attack of the deranged killer monster goons

Yukon Ho!

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  1. Wow, cool stuff. Its really good, the drawings. How come I never knew you could draw? Drawing is definitely relaxing. Really need to get back into it myself but just don't seem to get around to it.
    Hope you have better luck :)