UPDATE - From 01 April 2018 I'm NO longer consulting. I've kept this page open just for historical purposes...I'm happy to chat and act as a soundboard if you like, but I'm no longer taking on new engagements....

AS3 Company is Shut Down & no longer registered as a trading entity. I've also killed the website ( 

Software & Systems Management Consultant...

What do I have on offer?

  • Product Development Engineering (Product Management, Architecture, Development & Testing) - expert level competency, having delivered many products to market.
  • Systems Integration (Enterprise-wide to Component-Level) Consulting, Coaching & Process Improvement - proven track record.
  • Large-scale Program Management (Complicated systems, multidisciplinary teams, geographically distributed, multicultural) - ability to bring together large teams to coherently deliver.
  • Organisational Process Improvement / Change Management including group structures, team sizes, setting up software development teams, structuring career ladders, setting up performance objectives, roles & responsibilities, mid-level management coaching, etc.
  • Software Methods (Agile, Scrum, Lean, Waterfall, SEMAT) Coaching, Mentoring, Consulting - setting up Iterative Development practices including Continuous Integration & Delivery, as well as Resiliency Engineering (disaster management planning).

My current client engagements 2017-Present

    • Interim CTO/GM Technology & Platforms. I'm responsible for an engineering team of 120+ people, building Africa's next generation Internet Video Platform.

    Past Engagements 2013-2017

      • Enterprise-wide Portfolio, Program & Project Management for key strategic initiatives - working at CxO level, directing & leading programs execution through various divisional project management offices.
    • Multichoice SA - Broadcast Technologies
      • Provide strategic planning consulting to the DStv Explora Team which includes Delivery of subsequent Explora Releases to Market, new products (e.g. DStv HD) and others. My role is less driving, more collaborative, connecting various teams, aligning of different business units in coming together to deliver massively complex systems on time.
      • Pretty much steering the big supertanker or container cargo ship, it is a big endeavour, depending on hundreds of people owning individual tasks.
      • Facilitate process improvement initiatives with Engineering Management team.
      • Program Management of Connected-Set Top Box Roadmap.
      • Management coaching - group strategy, meeting targets and objectives.
    • DStv Digital Media Business
      • DStv Mobile Group - Develop, Improve & Grow Systems Integration Competency for the mobile product engineering teams.
      • DStv Catch Up Product - Provide Program, Product & Requirements management services to ensure delivery of value-added CatchUp services.
      • DStv Box Office Product - Program Management & Systems Integration Facilitation of rolling out Box Office across the African Continent.
    • Crossbolt Consulting
      • In partnership with Crossbolt consulting, I played a supporting role as Agile Coach to Multichoice Customer Operations teams.
      • High-Level program management & co-ordination on product delivery. Was with the team from inception, to creation of ShowMax business unit until first launch in South Africa in Aug 2015.

    Opportunities I'm on the look out for

    • Networking in South/Africa with like-minded people who are passionate about core software development / software engineering, including agile/lean frameworks.
    • Immediately ready to provide consulting to any company operating in the TV/VOD Software/Systems space.
    • New technologies that I personally would take a leap and leave the TV/STB world: Enterprise / / Cloud Based solutions. I am interested in Amazon Web Services, including Amazon FirePhone, Amazon FireTV and Kindle projects. Not forgetting GoogleTV, Netflix and the like. I believe the future is in the cloud!Anyone looking for help on general software management challenges - the experience I have is easily transferable to almost any domain involving some part of software product development.
    • Also interested in Master Data Management (MDM) opportunities for program management.
    • Start Ups Start Ups Start Ups - I am keen on helping Start Ups accelerate software products to market. Looking for investments.
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